What I Do

I design, I build, I create, I'm pretty good at making things work. My professional background is in industrial robots and machine building. Through many years of hard work and dedication, I've become quite adept at metal fabrication and strive to produce the best metal works that I can possibly create.


Who I Am

My name is Eddy Bullock and on any given day I can be an engineer, artist, maker or hacker. Typically, its some oddly formed combination of all of the above.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI in 1979, I found a love for all things mechanical at a very young age. My parents fostered that and helped me cultivate an intimate knowledge of electronics and computers as well. Those skills, combined with persistant practice and genuine love of welding and fabrication, make me a triple threat at making things work and making things work well.


My Work

The photos below are a sample of things that I've made.

Say Hello.

Feel free to send me a quick hello, or to inquire about what I do.